Tools Every Car Enthusiast Will Need

Being passionate about something is not just about getting into the latest trends. It is also about learning how to prolong them by taking care of them and spicing them up. The trends may come and go but it does not mean that your passion won’t continue to be useful. 

Being enthusiastic about cars falls into this category. Every year new models of cars will be released, and people will not be able to keep up as it goes on. There are also enthusiasts that are passionate about the older models and restoring them. No matter what category you fall under, maintenance will be needed. Just like we outfit our garages with top-quality components, it makes sense to have a good set of tools for car maintenance. Here are some that are recommended.

1. Socket Set

From time to time, bolts and nuts around the car will be in need of tightening that is why it is handy to have a socket set. It is also important to have the right sizes for the right adjustments.  

2. Vice Grips

One of the essential tools needed. They can grab, hold, and remove just about anything. They are also very powerful when it comes to rusty or tiny screws. They are also very good to use as extra leverage.

3. Torque Wrench

It is one of the must-have tools and is used for tightening and loosening bolts. 

4. Screwdrivers

Normal screwdrivers will be not enough. Specifically, precision screwdrivers will be a great device for it is small and screws on cars nowadays are getting smaller. Having a nice variety is will be really advantageous. Another is the impact screwdriver which is very useful when more force is needed.

5. Jack Stand

An essential tool for every mechanic and tinkerer. This tool is capable of lifting a vehicle to work underneath it. This is one of those tools that where it is very important for to be sturdy. It will be really dangerous if it suddenly gets broken while a person is underneath the vehicle, because it could potentially kill them.

6. Air Compressor

An air compressor is a tool that is very versatile. It is useful for powering up your tools and is also great for providing energy supply. It is also very useful for inflating tires. It is good to know that air compressors come in different sizes and having a portable one will be handy on the go and in case of emergency.

7. Tire Gauge

A very handy tool to have with checking tires. Your own gauge will likely be more accurate than those in the gasoline stations which at times are not quite as good.

8. Feeler Gauge

Another type of gauge that is very useful. It consists of a number of thin blades of given thicknesses and is used for measuring the gaps in the car which at times important to watch out for. It is also convenient for setting up gaps for spark plugs. 

9. Flashlight

This is very useful especially when working on the depths of the engine and other dark places in the car.