Are Electric Smokers the Next Hot Thing in Cooking?

The smoky taste which comes from your barbecue’s charcoal is what determines the unique taste of the food, especially when cooking meat and fish. The only problem that people have with roasting and grilling processes is that you have to stand by the smoker or good old-fashioned barbecue machine and manually turn the food over and over till it is completely cooked and at times, you neither have the time nor the needed skills for the same. With the new electric smokers, you can get that spicy, tasty and aromatic meat on your table without having to go through the tedious process of turning the meat or other food over and over in the backyard. Here are the reasons why electric smokers might be the next hot thing in cooking.

They are the perfect appliance for BBQ beginners

The first and most important benefit you get from electric smoker is that if you know how to operate the basic electric oven, you will operate the smoker perfectly well. It is possible to set the length of time and temperature at which you want to perform the cooking. The benefit which comes from being able to make such specific settings is that the results are hugely satisfying. The fact is that whether you are going to settle on the electric smoker, or you will want to move on to an actual smoker, this tool is an important part of your learning process.

The price of the appliance

Another huge benefit that you will get when you invest in the electric smoker is that you will only spend a fraction of the amount you would have spent on the regular smoker. In addition to spending less, you also get greater grilling and smoking capacity. There are smokers with the capacity to smoke up to 6 chickens at a go, and these are simple domestic units. A traditional smoker with the same capacity would probably cost about three times the price of the electric appliance.

Ease of operation

Another benefit which comes with the use of the electric smoker is that it is quite easy to run. When using the regular smoker, you have to worry about details such as lighting the charcoal, controlling the airflow and making sure that you understand temperature spikes. This leaves you with little to no time to focus on important elements such as getting the right brines, sauces, rubs and turning the meat for even cooking. As a result, the meat which comes out of the electric smoker is actually spicier than what you get from the old-fashioned smoker.


The other main benefit that comes with the electric smoker is that you will conveniently use it even in areas where open fires are banned. For instance, there are states that prohibit the use of charcoal smokers in parts of the home such as decks, and other outdoor spots, especially in the summer. Think of a situation where you are living in an apartment of a condo that doesn’t have shared space where you can barbecue. Obviously, charcoal smokers will not be allowed in the unit, but guess what will be okay to use? An electric smoker. These smokers are simply the perfect cooking solution to all fire ban situations.

Easy to do the cold smoke

Then, there is the fact that these smokers are ideal for cold smoking. Foods like cheese, bacon and others can easily be cold-smoked on this machine. Other foods that you can prepare on the smoker include loaves, meat logs, fish, desserts and even sausages. The meals produced by electric smokers are usually cooked without overcooking, which means that it may not have that pink ring that is characteristic of the extreme barbecue. This machine is ideal for you if you like medium rare to rare cuts of meat and well-smoked fish.

There you have it, this is the newest great cooking appliance in the market. In addition to its ridiculous affordability, this machine requires little maintenance, and most sellers have maintenance contracts and are willing to help any time that a part breaks down. The essential thing to note is that the machine needs electricity to run, which means that it will only work in places where there is close proximity to electricity. One last thing and perhaps the most important, that you need to know about these machines is that you can actually put wood pellets in them and when you do, they will mimic the smoke which comes out of the regular BBQ grill.

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